The Records Service Center is open Monday-Friday 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. Services provided include in-person access to certain police reports and criminal background checks.

Express Pick-up: To avoid long wait times you can submit your request on-line via the SLMPD Public Records portal, and you will be notified when your records are ready for pick-up. You must appear with a photo id and payment (if applicable). A notary is NOT required for in-person pick-ups when accessing to your own records.

Attorneys and Insurance companies are not eligible to access reports at the Service Center and must submit a Sunshine Request. Visit the Sunshine Law and Public Records Request Webpage for additional information on how to submit a request.

Acceptable forms of payment at the Records Service Center include cash, money order or business check. No personal checks or debit/credit cards are accepted at this time.

Need additional information? Please review the frequently asked questions (FAQs) here [link] or visit the SLMPD Sunshine Law and Public Records Request Webpage. Access to all police reports is governed by the Missouri Sunshine Law and disclosure is given in accordance with the statute.


Involved parties may obtain copies of crash reports. Involved parties may request access to a criminal and non-criminal incident reports but these may require further review and cannot always be provided by the Records Service Center; you may submit the request at the Service Center, but your report may need to be mailed. Requests may also be submitted on-line through the SLMPD Public Records portal.

Availability of Reports:

Police Reports cannot be made available until they are completed and approved. For Crash Reports, this usually happens within 5 days. You may check the status of a crash report by visiting the SLMPD Online Traffic Accident Webpage.

Eligibility and Cost:

Fees: All fees for access to reports are charged in accordance with the Missouri Sunshine Law Section 610.023(3). This includes copying fees of $.10 per page and the time required to locate the report. The rate charged to locate police reports is $15 per hour (prorated). The cost of fulfilling a simple request for a police report is normally less than $5; however, it varies by request.

Identification Requirements:

  • Involved parties must show State-issued photo identification OR valid passport.

  • Notarized release from an involved party If you are an individual requesting a report on behalf of an involved party.

Forms: A completed “Incident Request” form is required. Request for Incident/Accident Report (PDF).


Record checks are usually performed for employment, housing or expungement purposes and may be obtained in-person at the Records Service Center. Requests may also be submitted on-line through the SLMPD Public Records portal.

Identification Requirements:

An individual may request their own record check by completing the required form and appearing in-person with the any of the following types of identification:

  • State-Issued photo ID or valid passport;

  • Social Security Card and photo ID; OR

  • Birth Certificate and photo ID

Employers or other parties may request a record check for someone else but must have the “Request for Record Check Form” completed and notarized by the individual whose record you are requesting.

Eligibility and Cost:

SLMPD can provide both open and closed arrests to the individual; other requestors (employers, property managers, etc) may obtain closed records with notarized release.

Open v. Closed Records

Open records include: all arrests occurring within the last 30 days as well as any arrest which resulted in a conviction of a crime or resulted in probation, until probationary period is complete. Anyone can access open records.

Closed records are records which resulted in a finding of not guilty, charges that were nolle prossed or dismissed, suspended imposition of sentence after probation is complete and arrests after 30 days where no charges were filed or the case was refused. These records are only available to the subject of the record or to another party with notarized release. Closed records are also available to certain criminal justice agencies and certain types of employers like law enforcement, child-care and nursing homes.

Fees:  A city-only record check is $4.50 each.

           A city/county record check is $9.00 each.

Forms: A completed “Request for Record Check” form is required. Click on the link to view, download or print the file.


Public fingerprinting has been permanently closed. Public fingerprinting services are no longer offered.

Private fingerprinting services are available through IdentoGO by Idemia and can be viewed at their website.


Expungements of arrest records are filed with the Missouri Courts to order agencies to destroy or close records for a specific incident involving the applicant. Petitions must be submitted directly to the Missouri Courts.

To view more information on how to file an expungement petition visit The Missouri Courts Judicial Website.


Records Service Center
1915 Olive St.
1st Floor
St. Louis, MO 63103

Reports and Background Checks
8 A.M – 4 P.M.

Police Reports

Background Checks

Forms of payment include cash, money order or business check.
Currently no personal checks or debit/credit card payments accepted.


SLMPD Public Records portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Request for Record Check (PDF)

Request for Incident/Accident Report (PDF)

Sunshine Law and Public Records Request Webpage

SLMPD Online Traffic Accident Listings

Petitions for Expungement of Arrest Records