Commissioner Michael Sack

Police Commissioner

Picture of Commissioner Sack

Lt. Col. Michel Sack joined the St. Louis Police Department in 1994. After graduating the Police Academy, Lt. Col. Sack worked in District Four, the Central Patrol Detective Bureau, and the Special Services Division.

Lt. Col. Sack was promoted to Lieutenant in 2007 and was assigned to the District Seven until he was promoted again in 2008 to the rank of Captain. As a Captain, Lt. Col. Sack served as the Commander of Crimes Against Persons. In 2015, Lt. Col. Sack was promoted to Major and served as the Commander of the Central Patrol Division until he was transferred to command the Bureau of Professional Standards.

On October 17, 2019, Lt. Col. Sack was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He remained the Commander of Professional Standards until October of 2021, when he was transferred to command the Bureau of Community Policing.

Lt. Col. Sack has received two Officer of the Year Awards, three Awards of Excellence, and one Chief’s Letter of Commendation. He also attended and graduated from the FBI Academy in 2014.

Lt. Col. Sack was a 1st Lieutenant in the Army Reserves, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication/ARTS from Cardinal Glennon College. Lt. Col. Sack also has two Master’s degrees; one in Divinity from Kenrick Seminary and one in Business and Organization Security Management.


To reduce, deter, and prevent crime and disorder in our community.

Enhance the partnership between the community and our department.

Create a positive work environment in which our employees will flourish.

Achieve higher efficiency by maximizing the use of our internal resources.

Create a culture of accountability and self-discipline.