St. Louis Police Academy

The mission of the St. Louis Police Academy is to provide exemplary training for law enforcement officers and police recruits. The Academy continually strives to create a positive environment for personal growth, learning, skill development and career enhancement.

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Recruits spend 28 weeks in the Academy with courses in Criminal and Constitutional Law, Patrol, Juvenile Procedures, Criminal Investigation, Report Writing, Firearms, Human Behavior, Traffic, Ethics and Driver Training. Recruits also have a rigorous physical training program and complete community service as part of their curriculum. To enhance the training experience, the Academy includes a Fitness Center with weight equipment, handball and basketball courts, and boxing bags, a learning center for computer training, TV Section, firearms range and the largest police department library in the country. Recruits must pass physical, practical and written exams before graduating from the Academy and assuming roles as Probationary Police Officers.

The Academy is also responsible for continuing education courses for the Department. Officers receive in-service training in areas such as racial profiling, computer programs, defense tactics and refresher courses in law and firearms use.

For more information about becoming a Police Officer, please visit the Careers page of this website.

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Contact Information

St. Louis Police Academy
315 S. Tucker Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63102