Crime Analysis Unit

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The Crime Analysis Unit was established in July of 2007. The unit's responsibilities include both crime and intelligence analysis. Analysts working in the unit are encouraged to constantly improve their skills, making the SLMPD one of very few departments internationally to have more than one analyst who has received the highly regarded title of "Certified Law Enforcement Analyst" through the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA).

The crime analysts are divided based both on specialty and crime type, but cross-training and knowledge is a must, and we often call upon each other for support. On any given day an analyst may review several crimes of one or more types, uncover a crime series or pattern, map and analyze these crimes, try to identify a geographic and/or series profile for them, and communicate these findings quickly to detective(s) and commander(s) affected by their findings.

In addition to the 5 “W’s” normally taught (who, what, why, when, where, how), analysts must convey two additional ones, “so what” and “now what”, so that the recipients of their findings can move expediently to solve crime. While these types of analysis are happening daily, analysts also assist in longer term projects looking at group dynamics, to include both link and social network analysis. This work serves to enhance the focus of the SLMPD on the 80/20 rule, looking at those persons that commit the clear majority of crime, helping us avoid random patrol and stops that serve neither us, nor our community.

Crime Analysis Unit

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