NIBRS Crime Statistics

In compliance with the FBI’s mandated transition to the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) from the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) – Summary Reporting System (SRS) on January 1, 2021, our Department has been in the process of revamping our Public Portal to make it easier for citizens to access crime data. Unforeseen technology delays and the incompatibility in comparing crime (NIRBS V. UCR) has caused delays in making the information available.

In the interim, our Information Technology Division (I.T.) has created a series of internal 2021 NIBRS reports. Since we cannot compare this year’s statistics to last year's, we have provided month-to-month comparisons that have been broken down by Citywide, Neighborhood, Patrol Areas (Stations) and District crime. In the first column of these reports, you will see the NIBRS code, then the monthly numbers followed by the monthly difference. There is also a cumulative year-to-date total in the far-right column.

These reports reflect current NIBRS reporting and are not directly comparable to the previous UCR “hierarchy” numbers. With this change, you will likely see increases in crime statistics. It is important to note that this increase does not mean that crime is necessarily increasing, but rather that crime is being reported in a non-hierarchical format, with more detail and counting each individual crime. Below you will find a couple of helpful links that provide clarification on what the numbers mean and how they are different from previous years.

Again, we anticipate this being a temporary fix until we can get the Public Portal completed.

We appreciate your patience with this matter.

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