Interested in Federating Your Video System and/or Mobile Unit into
The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center:

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s (SLMPD’s) Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) shares up-to-the-minute information from video cameras and other technology sources with officers/detectives on the street. This technology is a valuable tool to the Department, assisting officers/detectives with assessing incidents and situations quickly.

To do this, the RTCC relies on partnerships with businesses and other agencies. One resource key to this collaboration is the Federating of video systems, which is a server-to-server link. This allows the RTCC to access video from connected systems without delay.

If you represent an organization interested in partnering with the RTCC by Federating your video system, below are instructions on how to initialize the process, including a description of the minimum technology required to participate.

Process Overview:

  • Federated partners must read, understand, and agree to all information contained in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), as well as adhere to all required technical specifications as outlined below.
  • If acceptable, the Federated partner will complete the attached Federation application and email to the Department at: RTCC@SLMPD.ORG This will begin the administrative process.
  • Once the MOU is established by the signatures of both parties, the SLMPD’s Technology and Research Unit will assist the Federating partner with the necessary steps to get the connection established.

Required Technical Specifications:

  • The Federated partner system platform can be either a physical security system or a mobile unit and must be utilizing Genetec Security Center, version 5.6 or newer.
  • Sufficient bandwidth upload must be established to allow the stream of at least one (1) Federated camera.

Your partnership is important to our ability to impact crime. This ultimately enhances the safety of all visitors and residents of the City of Saint Louis. We look forward to partnering with you and Federating your video system into the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center.


Lieutenant Colonel Eric Larson
Commander of Crime Control Strategies
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

Required Documents:

Applications for Federation (PDF)

Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)

RTCC Federation