PAL's Mission
Youth today face a myriad of choices of how to spend their free time. Too many children in our cities today choose petty crimes, drugs and other negative behaviors. Most often, these children make these choices simply because they lack positive alternatives. We provide a positive and constructive environment through sports for the children to grow and develop. We fill playgrounds, not prisons.

pal3 About PAL
Most of our volunteers are employees of the Metropolitan Police Department including more than 100 Police Officers. Each team and activity sponsored by Pal has a police volunteer involved. We believe that if children can grow to respect police officers in a gym or on a ball field, they will grow to respect Police Officers and the laws they enforce. In order to stay eligible for PAL activities, children must have satisfactory grades and attendance and not be involved in criminal or delinquent behavior.

Current Activities and Schedule
PAL currently sponsors 85 teams in a variety of sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, boxing, weightlifting, street hockey, track and field and cheerleading.

If you are interested in volunteering with PAL or contributing money, please contact the PAL office at the numbers below. It costs just $100 to sponsor a PAL child for a full year and your donations go directly to children who participate in PAL activities.

For more information on PAL or to volunteer or contribute, please contact the PAL Office at 314-444-5967 or 314-444-5968.
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Police Athletic League (PAL)

The Police Athletic League (PAL), is a volunteer based program which operates in cooperation with the Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis. PAL provides children in St. Louis with low-cost athletic, educational and cultural programs. Currently, there are more than 1500 area children ages 5-18 involved in PAL activities. There is no cost for children to participate in PAL activities. All equipment, uniforms, league fee, registration and insurance are paid by PAL.