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The Department will continue to provide updates on this webpage about the body-worn camera project.

Body-Worn Camera Program

bodycamera1 The Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis is currently evaluating a body-worn camera program. In December 2015, the Department took its first steps with a 90-day pilot program. A select group of sergeants wore one of the two different styles of body-worn cameras.

The body-worn cameras were assigned to patrol districts, with some assigned to support units like Special Operations, Mobile Reserve and SWAT. In December, the selected sergeants, along with commanders, attended training to educate them on both the benefits and challenges of a body-worn camera program. During the pilot program, the participants completed user evaluations, designed to identify what worked and what could work better. The department also looked across the country at agencies with body-worn camera programs and crafted a policy based on their experiences and best practices. The policy addresses the privacy of both officers and citizens.

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